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Homebuyers can select the products for the most used spaces in their home.​​

Homebuyers can save over 60% on upgrades now versus after move-in.

Selections can be made on the homebuyers' own time or in the Design Center.

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One program for contracting standard and upgrade product options.

Integrates with homebuyer selections for accurate ordering and installation 100% of the time.

Eliminate decision fatigue with accurate, quick and easy product selections.

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Centralized dashboard to view selections, schedule jobs, and meet deadlines.​

Automates the process by saving more than 50% of design time, and reduces unneeded homebuyer design meetings.​

Manage field measure, order, and install in real-time with mobile access.

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Builder Product Manufacturer

Integrates with ordering system for error-free and precise ordering.

Advanced notice for large orders for resource planning and allocation.

Better serve installing Dealers to grow sales and customer commitment.

Who Bid360 Serves

Bid360 connects the right people to the right phase of every job. Communication will be streamlined and productivity will increase. Selecting home products are now simple!

How Bid360 Works for Single Family Jobs

Standard and upgrade home products are selected, ordered, and managed using one system. Through an intuitive user interface, advanced artificial intelligence, and error-free data analytics, home products have never been so simple.

Bid360 outperforms other product selection tools.

Contact us today for more information and a Bid360 Demo.

Let us show you how it works for Multifamily and Single Family.

  • AI to complete designs based on floor plans and model types

  • Ability to integrate models into multiple Design Centers and Communities

  • Builder can customize each model with standard or upgrade product offerings

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Create Models

  • Quick and easy cloud-based tool for selecting all products in the home

  • Homebuyer can select standard and upgrade products

  • Designers review selections with homebuyer and confirms

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  • Assign and track each area of the home

  • AI to adjust designs in real-time

  • Manage field measuring on mobile device to save time

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Field Measure

  • Minimize waste with precise, on-time ordering

  • Seamlessly order materials to job site or Dealer

  • Integrate with manufacturer's order management system for error-free and precise ordering

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  • Unique login and access for each team member

  • 24/7 Access to installation instructions and training videos

  • Homebuyer gets the exact products they selected

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  • Monitor and analyze jobs to improve decision-making

  • Complete financial transparency for job profitability analysis

  • Evaluate jobs to better allocate future resources and time

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Single Family Job Workflow

Have Questions About Bid360?

Learn more about what Bid360 can do for Single Family.
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Bid360 connects the right people to the right phase of every job. Communication will be streamlined and productivity will increase.

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