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Owner Developer

Establish a custom Project Design Spec Level.

Assures established Project Design Spec Levels are accurately contracted.

Eliminate all change orders.

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Simplify specifications with spec codes tied to an actual product.

Configure custom Project Design Spec Levels to use on all projects.

Confidently spec products that are high-quality, ADA compliant, and green.

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General Contractor

Evaluate all product estimates and monitor status through every phase in one site.

24/7 access to approved, current, and accurate drawings.

Communicate with Dealer reference timeline and installation readiness.

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Set project pricing defaults to save time and ensure profitability while having a complete view of all projects.

Complete bids in 50-70% less time with artificial intelligence.

Manage field measure, order, and install in real-time with mobile access.

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Building Product Manufacturer

Integrates with ordering system for error-free and precise ordering.

Advanced notice for large orders for resource planning and allocation.

Better serve installing Dealers to grow sales and customer commitment.

Who Bid360 Serves

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How Bid360 Works for Multifamily Projects

From takeoff to completion, all projects can now stay on budget and on time with one tool. Through an intuitive user interface, advanced artificial intelligence, and error-free data analytics.

Bid360 outperforms other construction project management tools.

Let us show you how it works for Multifamily and Single Family.

Contact us today for more information and a Bid360 Demo.

  • AI to complete designs, no designing needed

  • Spend 50-70% less time preparing bids

  • No double entry

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  • Add building material products to every Multifamily bid within minutes

  • Precisely calculate costs, margins and profits

  • Increase bid accuracy and consistency while submitting your bid electronically to the General Contractor

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Submit Bid

  • Assign and track areas - by building, floor and unit

  • AI to adjust designs in real-time

  • Manage field measuring on mobile device to save time

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Field Measure

  • Minimize waste with precise, on-time ordering

  • Seamlessly order materials to manage project - by building, floor and unit

  • Integrate with manufacturer's order management system for error-free and precise ordering

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  • Unique login and access for each team member

  • 24/7 access to installation instructions and training videos

  • Bid360 installation resources augment product design and packaging for quick and strong installation

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  • Monitor and analyze project data to improve decision making

  • Complete financial transparency for project profitability analysis

  • Evaluate resource time to better allocate future resources and time

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Multifamily Project Workflow

Have Questions About Bid360?

Learn more about what Bid360 can do for Multifamily.
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Bid360 outperforms other construction
project and job
management tools. 

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