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What are the advantages to cloud-based software?

Cloud-based software gives users real-time access to full oversight of their Multifamily and Single Family projects. Foremen, Estimators, Supervisors, Schedulers, Field Measurers, Purchasers, Installers, and Inspectors are working with the same data and are no longer tied to a desktop computer or waiting for updates. 

Cloud based software gives users:

  • Improved data security

  • Automatic software updates

  • Mobile access

  • Increased collaboration

  • Secure data recovery and backup

  • Real-time access to data

Is Bid360 mobile?

Yes. All users can access Bid360 on any mobile device from any location. 

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Bid360 FAQs

Whether you serve Multifamily projects or Single Family jobs, Bid360 has a solution for you! Bid360 helps increase accuracy and efficiency and keeps projects and jobs on budget with one tool.


Read our FAQs to learn how Bid360 can streamline your processes by making the complex easy!

Let us show you how it works for Single Family and Multifamily.

Contact us today for more information and a Bid360 Demo.

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Bid360 for Dealers

How do I know if Bid360 is right for me?

If you serve the Multifamily and Single Family building industry and are looking to better manage your construction projects so you bid precisely, install faster, and accurately measure the profitability of each job, than Bid360 is the right technology for you.

How does Bid360 help me grow my business profitably?

Bid360 gives users full control and transparency of data, including financial breakdown so you can accurately measure your profitability for each Multifamily project or Single Family job. Our data shows that when Installing Dealers use Bid360, they can more competitively bid and more frequently win Multifamily and Single Family contracts. 

Additionally, Installers will save significant time field measuring by not having to write dimensions on paper and take them back to the office for the designer to modify designs or the purchaser to modify the product order. This is all done in Bid360 automatically. This is just one example of the efficiencies Bid360 can bring to your team. 

How will Bid360 help me estimate Multifamily bids faster?

From takeoff to completion, Bid360 creates opportunities for you to save time. You will spend 50-70% less time preparing bids. Bid360 utilizes AI to adjust designs after field measuring, so you don’t have to. Bid360 integrates with manufacturer’s order management system for error-free and precise ordering so you can confidently spend time on other tasks – not counting the cases and cartons you need to order. Install products faster with 24/7 access to training videos and products designed for a professional installer, not the DIYer. And finally, you will have complete financial transparency for project profitability analysis. No more crunching the numbers in dated spreadsheets – get the info you need in real-time.

Can I ensure all of my costs and overhead are accounted for in the estimate Bid360 generates?

You have complete control of the figures and calculations used to generate the estimate for a Owner Developer or General Contractor. You can set these values once and use for all projects or change based on the project. For example, if a project is far away, you might need to increase a value to account for the added travel costs and time. You’re in complete control!

Can estimates be updated when the customer requests a change?


How do I know the material pricing is accurate?

Material pricing and ordering are directly tied to the manufacturer's order management system for real-time pricing accuracy. 

Can Bid360 help me manage the bid process and installation process of other products?

Yes. Bid360 can work with any building product manufacturer to get them set up. Let us know what brands or product categories you'd like to see in Bid360 and we will take it from there!

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Bid360 for Multifamily

Who within the Multifamily industry can use Bid360?

Bid360 adds value to every role and at every step of the design build process.​

  • The Owner Developer can use Bid360 to manage amenities offered and their portfolio of brands. Bid360 also allows them to ensure the product is accurately specified, contracted, and installed.

  • The Architect can simplify specifications once and for all.

  • The General Contractor can evaluate product estimates and monitor the project status through every phase.

  • The Installing Dealer can complete bids in 50-70% less time. The Dealer can better serve the General Contractor and Owner Developer by designing, ordering, and installing with 100% accuracy.

  • The Building Product Manufacturer will finally have visibility to the pipeline to better serve customers. Integration with ordering systems ensures error-free and precise ordering. No more delayed shipments!

Can I request bids from multiple suppliers or installing contractors?


How will a custom Project Design Spec Level help me save time?

By establishing a custom Project Design Spec Level to match your project brands or amenity levels you will save time with each new project. You only have to talk building products once – set the standards for your brands and be done. With each new project, the development team and Architects will know what product line and design level to use for each unit type in the project. No more guessing! Your projects will have consistency and quality you can rely on. 

As an Architect, how will Bid360 help me specify products?

Bid360 will generate designs for each unit in your project. A MasterSpec 3 Part Specification for each product line you choose for the project will be automatically generated specific to the project. Attached to the ready-to-use 3 Part Specification is the Part 3 Schedule which clearly identifies the specification codes and design for each area of each unit. All this is done with a click – no designing, no editing a 3 Part Spec, and no confusion. Let us show you how Bid360 will help you specify products. 

Does Bid360 automatically create a Part 3 Schedule for the MasterSpec 3 Part Specification?


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Bid360 for Single Family

Who within the Single Family industry can use Bid360?

Bid360 adds value to every role and at every step of the selection process.​

  • Homebuyers can select products for the most used areas of their home while saving money on upgrades now vs after move-in. Homebuyers save time by making selections in Bid360 on their own time.

  • Builder (including purchaser, design/options manager, construction lead, etc.) have access to the options the homebuyer selected. All homebuyer selections are integrated throughout the process for accurate ordering and installation.  

  • The Installing Dealer saves time by eliminating unneeded homebuyer and designer meetings and saves time by not having to manage design revisions.  Bid360 allows the Dealer to manage field measuring, ordering and installation in real-time with mobile access. 

  • The Building Product Manufacturer will finally have visibility to the pipeline to better serve customers. Integration with ordering systems ensures error-free and precise ordering. No more delayed shipments!

What if a Builder does not offer upgrades to the homebuyer?

Bid360 is an ideal project management software for the Builder and Installing Dealer to collaborate in real-time to ensure each house is completed on-time and to the Builder’s specification.

How does the homebuyer view and make their selections?

The Builder’s selector website is emailed to the homebuyer. The homebuyer selects their floor plan and then they can view the standard and upgrade options for the most frequently used areas of the homes. The options are preset to prevent selection fatigue and to give them what they want. The homebuyer can choose the options (good, better, best) based on their needs and budget. The buyer can view the design options in a 3D viewer so they can confidently make a decision.


The homebuyer can do this in the Builder’s design studio or the convenience of their current home. Bid360 makes homebuyer selections easy for the homebuyer and the Builder – saving everyone time and money.

After the homebuyer makes their selections, what happens next?

Once each option is selected their choices are saved and sent to the Builder. The Builder and installing Dealer are notified of their final selections so orders can be placed. Field measuring, ordering and installation is handled through Bid360, so no errors are made. The homebuyer gets exactly what they selected without multiple design meetings and endless revisions. Everyone wins!

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