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Establish Design Spec Levels for entire portfolio of properties.

Assures established Amenity Matrix is accurately contracted.

Eliminate all change orders for closets.


Simplify specification with spec codes tied to an actual closet design.

Configure custom Amenity Matrix to use on all projects.

Confidently spec products that are high quality, ADA compliant, and green.


Evaluate all closet estimates and monitor status through every phase in one site.

24/7 access to approved, current, and accurate bid drawings/shop drawings

Communicate with Dealer reference timeline and installation readiness.


Set project pricing defaults to save time and ensure profitability.

Complete take-off dimensions and closet designs are automatically generated.

Better manage sales pipeline with complete view of all projects.


Manage project timeline for capacity planning optimization.

Complete bids in 50-70% less time with artificial intelligence.

Manage field measure, order, and install in real time with mobile access.


Integrate with ordering system for error-free and precise ordering.

 Advanced notice for large orders for resource planning and allocation.

Better serve installing dealers to grow sales and customer commitment.

Who Bid360 Serves

Bid360 connects the right people to the right phase of every job. Everyone will finally be working with the most current and accurate information. Communication will be streamlined and productivity will increase. Closets are now simple.

Let us show you how it works for Multifamily and Single Family.

Contact us today for more information and a Bid360 Demo.

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